Sales & Marketing


The entry of e-commerce has changed the way goods and services are purchased; nowhere is the impact more disruptive than in Sales and Marketing models The risk of disintermediation is very high, impacting traditional methods of communication, threatening the collapse of brick-and-mortar retailing models and practitioners.


Competitive advantage built over decades by using Sales and Marketing as a differentiator is being threatened due to the increasing role of digital and social media. Industry order is being redefined by start-ups and regional players and transformation is the only way forward for companies to stay relevant. These changes also help incumbents to break the age-old customer-interface barrier and provide ways for direct connections. The massive quantities of customer data thus obtained enable companies to make changes quickly instead of relying solely on multi-tiered distribution network systems to provide market feedback.




Avanteum's solutions help companies to define and track alterations in consumer purchase behavior and carefully craft Sales and Marketing strategies relevant to this hyper data-consuming communication age. We focus on branding solutions, point-of-purchase strategies, and service delivery and distribution optimization, among other areas.


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