Industrials comprise diverse companies that manufacture, sell and service engineered products across a wide range of industries and applications. These include pumps, motors, compressors, energy equipment and producers, electronics, electric products, etc. Each product and sector has varied challenges. While demand is greatly a function of economic growth, cutting-edge research and innovation helps usher the industry into a new era of transformation. Integration of electronics with mechanicals, commonly known as Mechatronics is leading to changes where machineries are becoming "smart". Smart technologies are transforming public and private spaces and developing into game changers that have the potential to impact governance through development of Smart City projects globally.


Three transformational factors driving the sector are IOT, Automation and 3D Printing.


Avanteum works with manufacturers, service organizations and other stakeholders by identifying opportunities, helping develop solutions to meet the diverse needs of end users, and developing customer strategies. We also help companies achieve process compliance through use of technology that can lead to better service levels, lower risks, improved learning and better training overall.


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