The Automotive Industry is going through challenging as well as exciting times. It continues to be the growth engine in many countries and is a significant contributor to economic growth and employment generation. The push toward alternate propulsion continues with renewed vigor, with vehicle pollution continuing to top the agenda in global climate-change discussions. Advances in mobile technology and artificial intelligence are driving research in autonomous and connected vehicles. With customers at the core of the business, three significant issues are crucial to the Industry's success.


All these issues are impacting the industry simultaneously and companies that manage these issues successfully will be relevant players in the future.

Avanteum offer a wide range of services to companies in the Automotive and associated Industries. We provide strategies for "Go-to-Market" initiatives, Sales and Marketing, Product and Pricing, New Product Development and Launch, Technology and R&D roadmaps. Besides these we also develop strategies for aftermarket action plans, demand forecasting, distribution optimization & enhancement and customer engagements.


We collaborate with companies across the value chain:

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