Analytics - Discover "the Power Within"


Analytics is a powerful tool available to companies to understand every aspect of their businesses. Customers leave behind significant digital data when transacting. Discrete data converted into trends and combined into a decision-making process has the potential to create transformational change within organizations.


Avanteum's approach to Analytics revolves around 4 pillars:


• Data and analysis are central to analytics: Software/tools help us scale- and speed-up execution


• Businesses are dynamic and fast paced. Analytics needs to be contextual and multidimensional


• Transformation of Analytics into knowledge is critical for organizations to benefit


• Institutional Memory is critical for organizational success. Knowledge management – creation, upgradation, dissemination and feedback – is critical for continuous ROI and improved organizational competitiveness



Avanteum's 5-Step Analytics Framework – Converge 360

Converge 360 (our 5-Step Analytics framework) helps companies develop robust frameworks to anticipate growth and institutionalize data-driven decision making. Our CEO Dashboards transform decision-making by discovering game-changing trends and help companies evolve strategies to overcome new challenges. Our Implementation services develop organizational capability to continue to leverage "The Power Within"

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